“Discover A Short-Cut...A  Cheat Code Of Philosophies For Getting Your Black Belt And Success In Tournaments In Half The Time From Over 16 Years Of Experience...
Hi name is Matt Arroyo. I am a TUF 6, EBI, and ADCC 2015 Veteran. I have been training since 2003 and got my black belt from Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie’s first ever black belt) in 2009. 

I have trained with almost every grappling champion you can think of from Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao, Robert Drysdale, Matt Serra, Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, Keenan Cornelius, Royce Gracie,  and so many others!

There is one thing that all these animals have in common. They all work from a strict strategy and from their own philosophies!
You Learn More From Philosophies And Concepts Than Any Technique Class Or Video! 
I remember taking class from my instructor Rob Kahn...

It would normally be 15 percent technique, 35 percent concepts/strategies/philosophies, then 50% rolling.

I remember learning so much more from just listening to him talk then I did from the techniques...

More so, the techniques he taught worked even better after understanding the philosophies and concepts!
If You Want To Progress Through The Ranks And Win Matches And Tournaments You Will Need The Right Mindset, Strategy, And Shortcut Tips!
Just Imagine sitting and listening to BJJ Philosophies and concepts and then really letting them absorb in, and then....Boom...You are instantly better at Jiu Jitsu!

This is the magic of learning!

Now, Imagine discovering the strategies, concepts, and techniques from 16 years of experience in training, competing, and coaching top level grapplers and fighters!
I am Very Proud to Introduce The
"BJJ Philosophy Blueprint"
Here Is What You’ll Get...
DVD 1:  BJJ Philosophy Blueprint Part 1

  •   Phases Of Defense Concept
  •  Energy Expenditure Concept
  •  Unstoppable Escape Philosophy
  •  How To Use The Correct Training Partners For The Fastest Success
  •  Rep Moves On Left Side, Right Side, Or Both?
  •  Drilling VS Rolling Debate Uncovered!
  •  Dangers Of Being Too Nice When Your Are Rolling
  •  Dangers Of Being Too Aggressive When Rolling
  •  Preserving Your Training Partners For Longevity
  •  Smell Clean To Get Better Faster and Here's Why
  •  Here Is Exactly How Long It Should Take To Get To Each Belt Level
  • Don't Be Intimidated By Higher Belts And Here's Why...
  •  Rest Is Training! How To Know How To Listen To Your Body
  •  The Gi Vs No Gi Myth Debunked!
Sample From Module 1: Don't Be Intimidated By Higher Belts And Here's Why...
DVD 2: BJJ Philosphy Blueprint Part 2
  •  Setting Goals The Right Way For BJJ That Actually Works...
  • ​The Danger Of Comparing Yourself To Others At The Gym.
  •  Don't Chase The Belt And Here's Why...
  • ​NEVER Ask About Belts, And Here's Why..
  •  Why Rolling With Younger Heavier Grapplers Is So Hard! The Rule of 10 Years/20 Lbs
  • ​Rolling With Women Etiquette...Break These Rules And You Will Pay!
  • As You Get Better And Better In BJJ You ABSOLUTELY Need THIS To Get To Next Level
  • ​Don't S#@T Where You Eat...This One Thing Can Mess Your Whole Life Up!
  •  Best Way To Deal With Staph, Ringworm, And Other Infections...
  • ​Best Way To Get Better Cardio For BJJ...The Only Way  Really.
  •  How To Maximize Your Training Even If You Can Only Come Once Or Twice A Week.
  • ​How To Ease The Burden Of Your Training On Your Family.
  •  How To Teach Your Kids BJJ...Don't Break These 2 Rules.
Sample From Module 2:  Setting Goals The Right Way For BJJ That Actually Works...
DVD 3: BJJ Philosophy Blueprint Part 3
  • How To Know When You Are Ready To Compete.
  • ​Preparing Physically For A Tournament...Exactly What To Do.
  •  Preparing Mentally For A Tournament...How To Deal With Nerves.
  • ​Weight Lifting For BJJ And Tournaments
  •  Nutrition For Tournaments Day Before And Day Of...Exactly What To Eat For Full Energy!
  • ​Weight Cutting For Tournaments...When To Cut And When Not To.
  •  Competition Strategy...Takedown? Guard Pull? Top? Bottom? Points? Submission?
  • ​Purple Belt Side And Black Belt Side Concept When Passing Guard.
  •  Film Every Competition You Do And Here's Why.
  • ​The Mental Conversation In Your Head While You Compete And How To Make It Help You Win.
  •  Talk To Your Opponent Before Your Match Or Not?
  • ​How To Make Them Feel Your Strength Early In Match...Even If You're Not Strong.
  •  The IBJJF Myth And Other Popular Tournament Rule Sets.
  • ​Philosophy Conclusion
Sample From Module 3: Preparing Mentally For Tournament (Dealing With Nerves)
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