10 Time Black Belt World Champion Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida  Finally Shares His Winning Techniques That Allowed Him To Completely Control And Dominate Everyone In His Path And Be Considered The G.O.A.T
Marcus Buchecha Almeida is one of the most accomplished grapplers in the history of BJJ. Winning the worlds at black belt 10 times he is tied for the record!  

Buchecha is an athletic specimen with the speed of a light weight!


There are hundreds of those athletic freaks who don't have the success of Buchecha! 

Why is that?

Technique!  Buchecha has it all! Strength, Speed, Size, Explosiveness....AND 
the one ingredient that puts it all together on the tournament mat...TECHNIQUE!

He created a DVD of all of his battle tested techniques that he uses on the mats without all the fluff!

These exact techniques he used in 2012-2017 to win double gold each time!

He calls it the "Total Control System." 
Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida's 
Total Control System DVD
DVD 1: Half Guard Sweeps
  • Half Guard Set Up
  • Reverse Armbar
  • Coin Sweep
  • Coin Sweep to Back Take Flip
  • Sleeve Drag To Back Take
  • Spinning Sweep to The Reverse Omaplata
  • Tornado Double Pant Sweep
  • Tornado Leg Lock
  • Tornado Triangle
  • Farmer Sweep
  • Farmer Sweep To Foot Lock
  • Pile Driver Sweep
  • Foot Grab Sweep
  • Spin Back Sweep
  • Leg Lock From Half
  • Upper Body Lock Sweep
  • Upper Body Lock To Flying Triangle
  • Sweep With Leg In
  • Sweep Before Guy Passes Guard
DVD 2: IBJJF Legal Leg Locks
  • Passing Half Guard Arm In Spinning Knee Bar
  • Double Attack Leg Lock
  • Elbow In Spin Around Toe Hold
  • Braulio Rear Naked Toe Hold
  • Straight Foot Lock From Open Guard
  • Straight Foot Lock From The Deep Half
  • Leg Over Knee Bar To Toe Hold
  • Leg Over To Toe Hold
  • One Hand Head Foot Lock
  • X Guard Knee Bar
  • X Guard Toe Hold
  • One Hand Toe Hold
  • Calf Slicer
  • Straight Foot Lock From The 50/50
  • Reverse Straight Foot Lock
  • 50/50 Side Body Foot Lock
  • 50/50 One Hand Foot Lock
  • 50/50 Calf Slicer
  • 50/50 Toe Hold
Sample Leg Attack Video
DVD 3: Highly Effective Passes
  • Set Up Passing With No Grips
  • Kick Out Pass
  • Kick Out Pass Jump Over
  •  Jumping Loop Choke
  • Jumping Kimura To Armbar
  • Top Omoplata
  • Rolling Kimura
  • Pass To Mount To Armbar
  • Deep Half Take The Back
  • Double Underhook To Side Control
  • Double Underhook Pass To Take The Back
  • Double Underhook Pass To Back Take To Lapel Choke
Sample Passing Video
DVD 4: Around The World-Mount And Back
  • Mount X Choke
  •  Lapel Variation X Choke
  •  No Hand In X Choke Variation
  •  Mount To Wrist Lock To Armbar
  •  Tuttle To Arm Trap Back Take
  •  Turtle Back Take To Seat Belt
  • Turtle Back Take To Seat Belt Rolling Variation
  • Back To Bow And Arrow To Arm bar To Triangle
  •  Escapes A
  •  Escapes B
  •  Escapes C
Sample Mount Attack Video
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