Stand Of The Cutting Edge and
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New Jiu Jitsu Instructional DVD Training Program Reveals Bullet Proof Leg Attack System To Submit And Defeat Your Toughest Opponents On The Mat... Guaranteed.
This brand new DVD instructional training program reveals a powerful leg attack system that is being used at the highest level of competition today.

Your Leg Lock Masters instructor is Enrico Cocco who is a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt that won the ADCC trials 3 times against some of the toughest competition in the World with some really UNIQUE and SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE to pull off leg attacks set ups and finishes.

For the first time he is revealing this proven effective system to win more matches with less effort in this new Leg Lock Masters Program...

When you can tap your opponent no matter how big or strong they are, it leaves them humbled and broken...and it leaves you a WINNER.

Enrico Cocco's "Leg Lock Masters" program opens up a menu of options against bigger more skilled opponents that you cannot find anywhere else. 

About 95% of grapplers are not used to defending Leg Locks, so even experienced black belts make "rookie" mistakes...

This is a sure fire way to get a submission and leave people scratching their heads... and a the only limit is your imagination once you have access to this powerful system of techniques!

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So What Is This Unique And Innovative Leg Attack System and WHERE did it come from?
Hi, my name is Enrico Cocco and I started training in Jiu Jitsu when I was 13 years old back in 2001. 

I started training leg locks that same day!! Back when almost no one was doing them.

Back before they were "Cool" and popular like they are now!

I started my training at FFA (Freestyle Fighting Academy) under Marcos and David Avellan....and I made it up the ranks pretty fast.  

At age 14 I was tapping out grown men, mostly with leg locks!

They even called me a phenom!

I don't know about that...but what I do know is this...

Everyone was terrified of leg locks...

Sometimes they would even tap before I had the full submission in!

It was amazing...

From that time forward I made it my goal to master the leg lock game and keep this as my weapon for my whole career...

One thing boggled me though...

Why in the world were almost NO other schools training them?
Why Were No Other Schools Training Leg Locks?
Look, I wasn't complaining or anything....

This was my secret weapon and I was happy that very few people were training them...

I even won the ADCC trials on 3 different occasions using mostly leg locks!

But then, something crazy happened...

Around 2013/2014...Leg locks actually became popular! 

Grapplers really started to accept and embrace them!

And Leg locks became the new trend in BJJ!

As the new wave of submission only tournaments like EBI, Metamoris and others were growing.... you now see them completely dominated by Leg Lockers!

People are now getting smart to the power of leg attacks!

But even still! Crazy enough...most schools don't allow leg locks in their schools! 
And I went To Work Day And Night, Putting Together A System Of Leg Locks And Setups That Would Work On The Biggest Strongest Jiu Jitsu Guys And The Best Leg Lockers...And To My Surprise, It worked!
 When I finally HARNESSED the Power of leg attacks, there was a "hockey stick" increase in my submission finishes!
Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu's "Ultimate No Gi Master Series" PLUS
No Gi Tornado Guard
Start Slaughtering Your Toughest Competition Using Roberto Cyborg's Powerful No Gi Guard Passing, Devastating Submissions and Tricky Tornado Guard... INSTANTLY!
New Jiu Jitsu Instructional Digital Training Program Reveals Cutting Edge No Gi  Attack System To Pass, Submit And Defeat Your Toughest Opponents On The Mat... Guaranteed.
Here is What You’ll Get in Cyborg's Full Length Ultimate No Gi Master Series 4 Disc Instructional Training Program:
This brand new Digital instructional training program -Ultimate No-Gi Master Series " reveals Cyborgs best passes and submissions he uses at the highest level of competition to WIN matches.

Your Ultimate No-Gi Master Series instructor is none other than ADCC Absolute Champion and World Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu who has the most unique and unorthodox game in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Today! 

Cyborg has been RIPPING through tournaments at the highest level laying waste to grizzled veteran grappling opponents and has claimed victory at the ADCC and beat some of the toughest competition in the World...

 ...with some really UNIQUE and SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE Passes, set ups and finishes. 

Cyborgs unorthodox pressure passing and his over the top submissions are making experienced black belts look like rookies...simply because they have never seen these techniques before! This is a sure fire way to get a submission and leave people scratching their heads... and the only limit is your imagination once you have access to this powerful system of techniques!

There is NO DOUBT that Cyborg has a effective teaching style and incredibly unique passing system and crazy submissions that can help you get better today.  Cyborg is the man that other champions come to to teach them the intricacies of how to have an effective no gi grappling game.

Cyborgs no gi passing and submissions worked against the toughest guys in the World in training and competition, imagine what it can do for you! He even beat Buchecha in the finals of ADCC!

For the first time Cyborg is revealing this proven effective pressure passing and submission system to help you win more matches with less effort in this new digital instructional program....
  "Ultimate No Gi Master Series" 
Module 1: Guard Pass Mastery 
(Preview Technique) The "F" Pass
Here is what you get in Ultimate No Gi Master Series 
Digital Disc #1: Guard Pass Mastery
  • How to properly strategize and "set up your no gi game" for your own style.
  • How to use "Cyborg's Punch Pass" to weave through the annoying knee shield and melt through anyones guard.
  • Cyborg's funny "F#@K Pass" that will use your opponents own head to pull yourself right around the open guard.
  • How to use the Cyborg Smash Pass which will allow you to make someones hips completely immobile so you can just pick which side you'd like to pass.
  • How to apply Cyborg Smash Pass Inverted when your opponent goes inverted to stop your first smash pass, this is the perfect combo move to deflect their flexibility.
  • Once you properly apply the "Cyborg Smash Pass", they can either let you pass or turn so now we will technically take the  Back!
  • "Passing Details from Side Control" on how to use a different control position than people are used to that opens up a menu of submissions.
  • Discover the Cyborg Superman Pass that teaches you how to have the perfect timing and make most black belts wonder what just happened!
  • How to technically use the "Front Roll Back Take..." not to be confused with the Eddie Bravo rolling back take...It's actually different!
  • Learn the "Cyborg Spinning Pass" that will allow you to pass the guard even if you don't have the size and strength to control someones hips to smash pass. 
  • How to properly apply the "Kimura Back Take" when distracting your opponent with guard passing to trick them...sneaky sneaky!
  • Final Details: Get One Step Ahead of your opponent when passing the guard. Never let them play their game and always put them into yours!
  "Ultimate No Gi Master Series" 
Digital Disc #2: Ultimate Submissions
(Preview Technique) Triple Arm Bar Attack
Here is what you get in Ultimate No Gi Master Series 
Digital Disc #2: Ultimate Submissions
  • "How To Set up a Strong Side Control" that is almost impossible to escape...without getting submitted!
  • The slickest set up you have ever seen for the "Side Control Kimura"
  • The "Bridge Armbar" that will allow you to finish your opponent right from the twisted side control.
  • The finer details to setting up the "North/South Kimura" and how to stop their defenses.
  • How to slap on a tight "North/South Choke" but more importantly how to set it up with out your opponent expecting it.
  • Another slick set up to for the "North/South Kimura 2" That will leave your opponent guessing what happened.
  • The finer "Details on North/South Kimura 2nd Version" and how to finish it on even the strongest of opponents and use their strength against them!
  • Triple Attack from North/South Kimura to chain together a series of attacks overwhelming your opponent until one of them just locks into place!
  • Kimura to Armbar Details that most black belts even miss...
  • "Triple Armbar Attack" when you are on the mounted arm bar position and your opponent is giving you trouble breaking the grip.
  • A unique "Side Control Drill" that will help you develop the balance, timing, and weight distribution to control anyone and flow into more dominant positions.
  • How to implement Cyborgs "Side Control Traps" to basically pin your opponents arms down and make it almost impossible to defend your submissions!
  • Discover how to "Bait The Back Take to Owl Choke" to choke out your opponent in a move they have never seen before.
  • And Much Much More...
  "Ultimate No Gi Master Series" 
Digital Disc #3: ADCC Winning Techniques Breakdown
Inverted Guard Pass: How I Passed Keenan's Guard

Here is what you get in Ultimate No Gi Master Series 
Digital Disc #3: ADCC Winning Techniques Breakdown
  • Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi which is a killer Judo move to take down any opponent with ease.
  • Arm Drag to Double Leg take down that Cyborg got multiple times in ADCC 2013
  • Baby Guillotine on standing opponent to submit or used to defend takedowns.
  • Baby Guillotine on Ground
  • Discover the Farm Boy Bulldog Submission that Cyborg developed growing up on a farm that he used on BUCHECHA in the ADCC finals.
  • Slick Cyborg Transition from Turtle to Side Control to avoid letting them get back to guard or scoring any points.
  • Discover how Cyborg passed Keenan Cornelius's guard with the "Inverted Guard Pass."
  • Learn how to properly apply the Deep Half Guard to Back Take to Armbar sequence!
  • Half Guard to Single Leg to Back Take...
  • And Much Much More....
  "Ultimate No Gi Master Series" 
Module #4: 9 Masters Show Their Tricks 
And Bonus Training Footage
(Preview Technique) Marcel Goncalves Shows His Over Under Pass

Here is what you get in Ultimate No Gi Master Series 
Digital Disc 4: "9 Masters Show Their Tricks" 
And Bonus Training Footage
  • Joao Gabriel Rocha shows his secret half guard technique that won him Gold!
  • Rodolfo Viera shows his best guard pass that he has used on some of the best in the world!
  • Abraham Marte shows his sneaky patented razor arm bar set up from guard.
  • Vagner Rocha show a sneak peak of his kimura system the 50/50 of the arms!
  • Master Mario Sperry shows some sneaky old school arm locks from side control.
  • Denis Mitchel shows his unorthodox single leg x setup to the leg lock!
  • Marcel Goncalves teaches the finer details of how he consistently pulls off his over under pass.
  • Enrico Cocco shows his slick kimura set up once you pass the guard.
  • Fight Sports Wrestling Coach Manuel Garcia shows one of his highest % take downs for BJJ. 
  • BONUS Training/Rolling Highlight of the ADCC 2015 training camp. See Cyborg Vs Rodolfo, vs Joao, and not holding anything back. This is what FULL FORCE Looks like!
  • BONUS Workout Highlight! See how exactly what professional grapplers do for strength and conditioning! As you will see, they get tired and break down too!
  • And Much Much More....
Here is what you get in The No Gi Tornado Guard Series
Digital Disc 1: Sweeps
  • 1.   Tornado Set Up
  • 2.   Half Guard Switch
  • 3.   Hunting Tip
  • 4.   Telephone Arm Bar
  • 5.   Half Guard Arm Bar
  • 6.   Kimura Triangle
  • 7.   Crotch Arm Sweep
  • 8.   Half Guard Omaplata
  • 9.   Leg Sweep
  • 10. Sweep To Back
  • 11. Tornado Sweep
  • 12. Tornado Triangle
  • 13. Tornado Reverse      
  • 14. Tornado Shoulder    
  • 15. Half Guard Set Up
  • 16. Knee Twist Sweep
  • 17. Foot Trip Sweep
  • 18. Half Guard Single
  • 19. Take The Back
  • 20. Tornado Knee Bar
Digital Disc 2: Passing
  • 1.  Step Over Pass
  • 2.  Step Out Pass
  • 3.  Knee Push Kimura
  • 4.  Defense Back Choke
  • 5.  Rolling Toe Hold
  • 6.  Spin Kimura
  • 7.   Spin To Back
  • 8.   Movement Drill
  • 9.   Knee Slice Pass
  • 10. Punch Pass
  • 11. Pass To NS Choke
  • 12. Knee To Back
  • 13. Inverted Kick Pass
  • 14. Tornado Drill 1
  • 15. Tornado Drill 2
  • 16. Tornado Drill 3
  • 17. Tornado Drill 4
  • 18.Tornado Drill 5
  • 19. Tornado Drill 6
  • 20. Mobility Drill
Digital Disc 3: Submissions
  • 1. Side Kimura
  • 2. North South Kimura
  • 3. Rolling Arm Bar
  • 4. North South Arm Bar
  • 5. Knee on Belly Tips
  • 6. Knee On Belly To    
  • 7. Inverted Triangle
  • 8. Reverse Triangle
  • 9. Knee On Neck Choke
  • 10.Knee On Neck
  • 11.Back Attack Tips
  • 12.One Arm Choke
  • 13.One Arm Choke
  • 14.Triangle From Back
  • 15.Triangle From Back
  • 16.Arm Bar From Back
  • 17.Arm Bar Variation
Digital Disc 4: BONUS
  • 1. Yoga For BJJ
  • 2. Strength And
    Conditioning For BJJ
  • 3. Day In The Life Of The BJJ Lifestyle
  • 4. Emerge Movement Highlight
  • 5. Cyborg Competition Motivation Interview
  • 6. Rolling Highlights At Fight Sports
Guys, I put a lot of time, sweat, blood, and tears into creating and battle testing this system and making these DVD's for you. I am so completely confident in their quality and that you will start smashing people with Kimuras that I will take all the risk off of you and put it back on me.

I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you get the DVD's, watch them, and don't think it is the kind of quality you were looking for, then we will refund you your investment back...No Questions Asked...and you can even keep the DVDS!!! But we know this won’t happen, because...well....This stuff WORKS!!
This instructional is designed to be BEGINNER friendly and also works at a very advanced level. Also, you DO NOT need to be super flexible, athletic, or strong to make this work for you. 
Plus, you get our "You Will Get Better" 30 Day Money Back Guarantee....
If you watch this and practice the Ultimate No Gi Master Series Course set in the first 30 days and you do not see a DRAMATIC difference in your ability to pass the guard and finish submissions you can get a full refund. That is how confident we are in this system. 
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