“Discover The Secrets To Setting Up And Finishing All The Different Kinds Of Guillotine Chokes...90% Of People Are Doing This Wrong!"
Hi name is Matt Arroyo. I am a TUF 6, EBI, and ADCC 2015 Veteran. I have been training since 2003 and got my black belt from Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie’s first ever black belt) in 2009. 

I have trained with almost every grappling champion you can think of from Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao, Robert Drysdale, Matt Serra, Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, Keenan Cornelius, Royce Gracie,  and so many others!

There is one thing that all these animals have in common. They all had at least 1 submission that they have completely mastered!
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." Bruce Lee
Every champion and good black belt has at least 1 (most times more) submission that they are known for!

A submission that they can get on anyone!

One that people know is coming, they see it, but they can't stop it!

For me this submission is the guillotine. 

Some of the best guys in the world that I have tapped out, it was in a guillotine choke!

I happen to know more about this submission than any other submission in the world.

Maybe You Are Getting To The Guillotine A Lot But Have Trouble Finishing...
This used to happen to me all the time. 

But then I realized that there are many different kinds of guillotines!

And If you use the wrong guillotine for a certain situation it won't work! Even if you apply it perfectly!

You have to have a tool box of guillotines to use and you need to know when to use each of them!

Over the last 16 years I have figured all of this out and mastered them! 

I laid this all out with every detail you need to know to set up and finish these guillotines in live action! 
I am Very Proud to Introduce The
"Guillotine Blueprint"
Here Is What You’ll Get...
DVD 1:  Guillotine Blueprint Part 1
  • Introduction To Guillotine Concepts
  • ​Exact Hand Placement For Guillotines. 
  •  Basic Head Only Guillotine
  • Elbow Up Marcelotine Details
  • ​Elbow Deep Guillotine Details
  • ​Front Naked Guillotine Choke
  •  Arm In Guillotine (Critical Details)
  • ​Legs Open Vs Leg Closed Guilltine Concepts
  •  Ten Finger Guillotine Details
  • ​Chin Strap Guillotine Details
  •  Darce Choke Finish Details
  • ​Anaconda Choke Details
DVD 2: Guillotine Blueprint Part 2
  •  Side Control Arm In Guillotine Set Up
  • ​Arm In Guillotine Counter To Anaconda
  •  Arm In Guillotine Counter To Mounted Guillotine
  • ​Arm In Guillotine To Guard Pass Counter To Roll 
  •  Guillotine From Butterfly Pass Counter To Sweep
  • ​Marcelotine They Roll Mount Counter Finish
  •  Use Guillotine To Defend Takedown 1
  • ​Standing Guillotine Set Up And Finish
  • Ten Finger Choke Do Defend Takedown
  • ​When To Use Front Naked Guillotine
  •  When To Use Anaconda And Special Bonus Tip
  • ​When To Use The Darce 1
  • ​When To Use The Darce 2 The Wrench
  • ​When To Use The Darce 3
  • ​Chin Strap To Pass
  • ​Chin Strap Pass To Exorcist Guillotine
DVD 3: Guillotine Blueprint Part 3
  • Front Head Lock Control Details
  • ​Front Headlock To The Back Details 
  •  Front Headlock To Guillotine Compression Choke
  • ​Front Headlock To Kimura Trap Finish
  •  Front Headlock To Top Turtle To Arm Bar
  • ​Guillotine Defense From Closed Guard
  •  Arm In Guillotine Defense From Closed Guard
  • ​Arm In Guillotine Defense Open Guard
  • Guillotine Defense By Passing
  • ​Front Headlock Escape/ Blast Double
  • ​​Front Headlock Escape 2/ Break Grip
  •  Front Headlock Escape 3/ The Wrestler Shuck
  • ​Conclusion  To Guillotine Concepts
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