“Discover A Step By Step Blueprint Of Exactly How To Attack, Sweep, And Stay Safe From Passes In The Bottom Half Guard!
Hi name is Matt Arroyo. I am a TUF 6, EBI, and ADCC 2015 Veteran. I have been training since 2003 and got my black belt from Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie’s first ever black belt) in 2009. 

I have trained with almost every grappling champion you can think of from Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao, Robert Drysdale, Matt Serra, Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, Keenan Cornelius, Royce Gracie,  and so many others!

There is one thing that 90% of all these animals have in common. They all have a structured game from bottom half guard!
The Bottom Half Guard Is A Staple Of Most Champions Games
A lot of champions base their whole game around pulling half guard and then coming up for a sweep.

Why is this?

I believe this is because the half guard is a very versatile position...

You can sweep, submit, and transfer into other guards and positions with ease!

Because of this, it's very rare to even see people playing a closed guard now a days.

Most people stick to just one half guard system like deep half guard, under hook Lucas Leite, Knee shield half guard etc...
I Knew I Wanted To Develop a System To Take Only The Best Sweeps And Attacks From Each Half Guard And Make One Complete Blueprint!
I got obsessed with learning all of the half guard systems and quickly throwing away what didn't work well and keeping what was effective!

I also noticed that a lot of my students were not using "Under Hooks" the correct way from the half guard! So I decided to put an entire section on the fundamentals of the half guard position!

Then there is the #1 question I get asked on a  weekly basis via email from my online subscribers and from my students at my academy!

What do you do when you are on bottom half guard smashed flat with the top person having the underhook and cross face!

I decided to put an entire section on this showing you how to defend and counter these terrible bottom half guard positions!
I am Very Proud to Introduce You to My Bottom
"Half Guard Blueprint"
Here Is What You’ll Get...
DVD 1: Half Guard Blueprint Part 1 "Fundamentals"

  • Introduction To Half Guard Strategy
  •  Half Guard Fundamentals (Inside And Outside Locks) 
  •  Under Hooks (Mid, Low, High, Single) 
  •  Under Hooks Part 2 (Mid, Low, High, Single) 
  •  Knee Shield Fundamentals 
  •  Butterfly Half Guard (Goofy Guard) 
  •  Half Guard Underhook To The Back Details 
  •  Half Guard Under Hook Whizzer Counter 
  •  Half Guard Under Hook Whizzer Counter 2
  •  Half Guard Under Hook Whizzer Counter Combination 
  •  The Old School 
DVD 2: Half Guard Blueprint Part 2 Advanced Attacks And Sweeps
  •  Deep Half Guard Entry Details 
  •  Deep Half Guard To The Waiter Sweep 
  •  Deep Half Guard To The Modified X Guard Sweep 
  •  Deep Half Guard To The Hayden Leg Lock 
  •  Half Guard Kimura 
  •  Half Guard Kimura Sweep 1 
  •  Half Guard Kimura Sweep 2 
  •  Half Guard Kimura Trap Finishing Details 
  •  Half Guard Arm Drags 
  •  Butterfly Half Guard Sweep 
  •  Butterfly Half Guard Sweep To X Guard 
  •  Butterfly Half Guard Sweep To Honey Hole 
  •  Butterfly Half Guard To Single X Heel Hook Or Sweep 
  •  Half Guard Kick Over Sweep 
DVD 3: Half Guard Blueprint Part 3 "Defense And Counters"
  •  Half Guard Pass Counter To Triangle 
  •  Half Guard Smash Counter Lock Down Frame 
  •  Half Guard Smash Counter Head Push Knee Frame 
  •  Twisted Half Guard Defense Rules 
  •  Half Guard Smash Counter "Jail Break" 
  •  Twisted Half Guard Bottom Push Back To Guard 
  •  Twisted Half Guard Bottom Back Take 1 
  •  Twisted Half Guard Bottom Sweep 
  • Twisted Half Guard Bottom Back Take 2
  •  Twisted Half Guard Bottom Pop And Roll Sweep 
  •  Half Guard Bottom Back Step Counter 1 
  •  Half Guard Bottom Back Step Counter 2 
  •  Conclusion  
  • Dan Martinez (EBI Veteran) Counter To Half Guard Smash 
  • Half Guard Pass Defense Koala Roll
  • Kimura Trap Defense From Bottom Half Guard
How Much Will This Cost?
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