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Josh Haydens 80/20 Leg Surfing System

An easy to use system for attacking and defending leg locks. Josh battle tested this system with only 3 years of experience and won the ADCC trials submitting 4 black belts with leg locks!  This will also give you the same results once you practice his amazingly effective system!
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Order Summary
Dynamically Updated
Here's What You'll Get:
  • 3 jam packed Dvd's or Digital Modules of some of the latest and sharpest leg locking technuiqes in the world.
  • Dvd 3 shows how to defend leg locks like the straight ankle lock, the heel hook, reverse heel hook, toe hold and much more!
  • Bonus: free mind map which maps out Josh's entire system so you can bring it to class and practice from this amazing cheat sheet.
  • Bonus section in section 3 where it shows some more of Josh's favorite entries into the system.
Watch again what Eddie Cummings and everyone else is saying about Josh!
 Ruben Alvarez, Black belt under Roberto Cyborg Abreu

"Josh Hayden has helped me out a ton on my leg locks. His 80/20 Leg Surfing System is by far the best. I make sure all of my competitors in the academy buy his system. The problem I see is that the lack of knowledge in leglocks is stunting to the growth of BJJ or No Gi submission grappling. So do yourself a favor and don’t be behind the chopping block of bettering your BJJ or grappling. Also, thanks to Josh’s system, I have successfully used it to win some of the most prestigious tournaments in No Gi Grappling!"
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