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Unarmed And Dangerous Digital Course

An easy to use system for attacking and defending yourself against any attacker, any size, any aggression level. 
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ONE TIME OFFER: Add "Unarmed And Dangerous: Combat Conditioning" (Digital Version) for only $27 (almost half off.) This is a proven system of fitness routines taken from Army Combatives training and Mixed Martial Arts training camps...with all of the fluff taken out and dumbed down to 15 minutes a day 3 days a week! This discount is only valid on this page right here right now. Click the check mark above to automatically add to your order.

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Module 1: In depth detail of exactly how to fight and win standing up against the most common all fights start on the feet.
  • Module 2:  An in depth look at the ground game and in particular, how to fight from being on the bottom. We take you through the guard position and how to use it to defend and attack.
  • Module 3:  An in depth look at the ground game and in particular, how to fight from the top position. This is where the great control and damage can be done.
What People Are Saying...
“I can’t overstate my endorsement for Rob Kahn. Over my 26 year career I was exposed to a lot of combat training. They ranged from average to ridiculous and none were very useful in the real world.

It wasn’t until I started training with Rob Kahn that I found techniques that are absolutely practical and applicable in real combat – the kind where the loser might leave in a bag.

Rob is a superb teacher and innovator and his techniques are designed for any scenario; desert battlefield or back alley. As an added bonus, the realistic drilling and sparring provides superb mental conditioning for optimizing performance under extreme stress!”

- COL (Retired) Joe Osborne, U.S. Army, Special Forces

"With 20 years in Special Operations I have been exposed to, and practiced a variety of close combat techniques. The way you train is the way you fight when push comes to shove and it comes down to mindset and being prepared.

Rob’s training is thorough, effective, and will give you the tools and mindset to get beyond the dojo and out in the world where you can’t tap out or take knee.

Rob has taught and studied with Law Enforcement, SEALs, Rangers, and Special Forces. He can give you the range of tools you need to not only defend yourself, but to win the fight regardless of age, size, strength, or gender!”

- Steven Christian, US Navy SEAL (Retired)