“Discover A Step By Step Blueprint Of Exactly How To Defend The Most Common Guard Passes And Make Your Guard Un-Passable!
Hi name is Matt Arroyo. I am a TUF 6, EBI, and ADCC 2015 Veteran. I have been training since 2003 and got my black belt from Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie’s first ever black belt) in 2009. 

I have trained with almost every grappling champion you can think of from Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao, Robert Drysdale, Matt Serra, Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, Keenan Cornelius, Royce Gracie,  and so many others!

There is one thing that all these animals have in common. They all have very hard guards to pass!
Having A Hard Guard To Pass Is How Higher Belts Judge If You Are Good Or Not
Every champion and good black belt worked very hard to make their guards hard to pass!

Why is this?

This is because you need TIME to get your sweeps and or submissions!

If someone just comes in and passes your guard real quick, you do not have the opportunity to attack.

If you don't attack, you can't win!

If you don't win, well....you know... lol
If You Want To Progress Through The Ranks And Win Matches And Tournaments You Will Need To Make Your Guard As Close To UnPassable As You Can
I used to get my guard passed all the time because I was so attack oriented from bottom.

Once they defended an arm bar or triangle, they would be able to just shoot by my guard easily. 

Then, I realized I needed to make my guard harder to pass...so I studied the tapes of the best guard players in the world and watched what they did...

I started thinking about and researching what the most common guard passes were and then went to work on developing the defenses from them!

When I finally started to focus on this, I quickly went from blue to purple belt!

And of course, I put everything I learned into proven, battle tested system that works for any person any size or flexibility! 
I am Very Proud to Introduce The
"Unpassable Guard Blueprint"
Here Is What You’ll Get...
DVD 1:  Unpassable Guard Blueprint Part 1

  • Introduction To Guard Pass Defense
  •  4 Lines Of Defense Philosophy 
  •  Battle For The Insides Philosophy 
  •  Flexibility And Energy Expenditure 
  •  Opening Guard Protocol 
  •  Under Passes Defense Stage 1 
  •  Under Passes Defense Stage 2 
  •  Under Passes Defense Stage 3 
  •  Under Passes Defense Stage 4
  •  Under Passes Defense Stage 5
  •  Under Passes Defense Stage 6
DVD 2: Unpassable Guard Blueprint Part 2
  •  Under Passes Defense Stage 7 
  •  Stack Pass Defense/ Roll To Blast 
  •  Stack Pass Defense/ Roll Back To Guard 
  •  Knee Through Pass Defense 
  •  Butterfly Pass Defense Stage 1 
  •  Butterfly Pass Defense Stage 1 
  •  Butterfly Pass Defense Stage 1 
  •  Butterfly Pass Defense Stage 1 
  •  Butterfly Pass Defense Stage 1 
  •  Smash Pass Defense 
  •  Smash Pass Defense 2
DVD 3: Unpassable Guard Blueprint Part 3
  •  Stand Up Passing Defense/ Grip Breaks 
  •  Stand Up Pass Defense/ Leg Throw 1 
  •  Stand Up Pass Defense/ Leg Throw 12
  •  Knee Cut Defense Shin To Shin 
  •  Knee Cut Defense/ Single Leg 
  •  X Pass Defense 1 
  •  X Pass Defense 2
  •  Near Pass/ Knee In Other Leg Over 
  •  Near Pass/ Top Knee Invert Back To Guard 
  •  Turtle To Avoid Pass Fundamentals 
  •  Turtle Back To Guard 1 
  •  Turtle Back To Guard 2 
  •  Competition And Rolling Strategy Tips 
  •  Conclusion  To Guard Pass Defense/Retention
How Much Will This Cost?
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