Start Slaughtering The Competition With This Little Known “Kimura Funnels System” Developed To Confuse and Defeat World Champion Jiu Jitsu Fighters At Their Own Game
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Vagner Rocha's 50/50 of the arms system gives you powerful weapons that allow you to control tough opponents and catch more submissions.
When you can control your opponent no matter how big or strong they are, it leaves them stunned and confused.

Vagner Rocha's 50/50 of the Arms Kimura Funnel System opens up a menu of options against bigger more skilled opponents that you cannot find anywhere else. 

No one is used to defending this, so even experienced black belts make "rookie" mistakes... This is a sure fire way to get a stronger position and or a submission and leave people scratching their heads... and a the only limit is your imagination once you have access to this powerful system of techniques!

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So what is this system and WHERE did it come from?
Hi, my name is Vagner Rocha and I am a 2 time Abu Dhabi Veteran and UFC Veteran. I started training in Jiu Jitsu over a decade ago under Jorge and Pablo Popovitch.

I was around 17 years old when I started and I fell in love with the art.  Through the years, I made it through the ranks and I was a pretty average grappler!  Nothing to write home about.

I had pretty solid fundamentals and had moderate success in tournaments and on the mats...

But then...

I ran into a problem...

Pablo invited me to some of his Abu Dhabi training camps and I had the opportunity to train hard with him and some of the best grapplers on the planet on a daily basis!
I'm Sure You Recognize Some Of The Monsters Here
Vagner after a tough Training Session With Multiple World Champions
The main thing I learned while training with these animals was that they were almost impossible to control!

Even if I happened to fall into a dominant position for a second, they were able to explode right out and get back on top of me.

The caliber of wrestling and explosiveness was just too high and I couldn't do anything.

Now I know most people would have just accepted this and said to themselves "oh well, this is what's supposed to happen...these guys are world champions and ADCC Champions..."

But not me...I couldn't accept it and it consumed my thoughts day and night...
 I Knew I Had To Develop A System
I had to develop  system that can control these guys and keep me from losing my positions...  That's when, as an experienced brown belt, I started playing around with the Kimura.

I liked the fact that I was able to use the Kimura to glue peoples arms to their body like a straight jacket and control their motion.

It didn't matter if they were bigger, stronger, or faster...

I was able to slow down their motions....

Even predict and control where they were going to move next!

I became obsessed with it...slowly but surely I was developing these systems, or funnels as I like to call them...

I was funneling them into great positions like the back and side mount!

From what seemed to be this "MAGIC" kimura lock, I then began funneling them into all of the tightest triangles, arm bars, and well....Kimuras!

I started testing this out in BJJ tournaments and with all of the beasts in the above picture!
And Even Used This System In The UFC
I even used this to win the Brown Belt  Pan Ams...
Just last Year, I Even Was Able To Defeat The 2013 ADCC Champ Romulo Barral! This was Awesome!
The system worked so well, I used it to win the ADCC trials! Three times!!!
Over the next year or so of using this in tournaments and MMA I perfected a series of funnels! I was able to use the kimura to funnel guys from anywhere into a dominant position or submission of my choice!

The system worked so well, I used it to win the ADCC trials! Twice!!!
Remember...I'm Not An Athletic Specimen!
I have pretty average genetics, strength, flexibility, and speed...

And remember...I did not have much success in competitions or on the mat until I developed and mastered my system...

It's this system that changed my life...

It's this same system that took years to even realize that I even needed...and even more years to master!!


Right now I am very proud to introduce my life's work, that I know can help you become more dangerous on the mats right now...
Here is What You’ll Get in This Full Length Jiu Jitsu Instructional Training Program:
DVD 1:  "50/50 Of The Arms" Kimura Funnels Part 1
  • Arm Trapped To Body Details
  • Turn in - Back take
  • "Vagner” arm bar
  • "Vagner" Back Triangle
  • Americana arm bar from back
  • Cyborg finish from back triangle
  • Step Belly leg over to modified mount to Vagner Arm Bar
  • Scissor choke
  • Finish traditional kimura---->> Power Kimura
  • Kimura to Sneaky Triangle
  • "Vagner" Back Triangle
  • Kimura grip top turtle fundamentals
  • Step and Sit Back take from turtle
  • Crucifix to choke
  • Modified mount to back or body triangle.
  • Rolling triangle
DVD 2: "50/50 Of The Arms" Kimura Funnels Part 2
  • Crucifix leg arm locks
  • Crucifix to cop move
  • Beats you to turtle belly down arm bar
  • Beats you to turtle -kimura
  • Beats you to turtle -->back triangle
  • Beats you to turtle -->roll over back take/crucifix
  • Modified Power kimura blast
  • Force him to turn away or into you (back to system)
  • What to do If he stays tight and turtled (review of when they turn away and turtle)
  • Elbow hip shrimp kimura
  • Leg throw over shoulder in triangle position-
  • Defense if they put head in hole to defend kimura -cop grip to sweep
  • Cop grip to back take to choke
  • Cop grip to arm bar and triangle
  • Knee shield kimura with belly down grip break to finish
  • Use knee shield to break grip to finish kimura
  • Kimura grip to sweep (rolling if he grabs thigh)
  • Kimura roll if they try to pass or move
DVD 3:  "50/50 Of The Arms" Kimura Funnel Part 3
Half Guard Bottom Kimura Funnel
Closed Guard Funnels
Top Half Guard Kimura Funnel
Back Mount Kimura Funnel
  • Kimura from Knee Shield
  • Kimura from sit up half guard (bottom arm)
  • Power Kimura Finish (legs locked)
  • Cop move finish
  • Kimura from half guard single leg
  • Kimura counter (elbow in hole)
  • Deep Half guard counter kimura
  • X guard defense  to kimura
  • Kimura control details with Vagner Arm Bar
  • Back Control w Vagner arm bar to triangle
  • Basic arm bar and triangle from the back kimura grip
  • If you cant get all above, push back in go to 1 arm rnc
Bonus Section (Inside DVD 3)
  • 50/50 Of The Arms Balance Drill
  • Kimura from the single leg (wrestling)
  • Front roll drill from butterfly
  • Vagner Rolling with World Champions in ADCC 2015 Camp!
Free Preview #3: The "Vagner" Arm Bar
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MMA Fight, Tournament, And Training Narrative Breakdown Video!
Watch as we use the latest screen capture software to allow Vagner Rocha to actually narrate his mma fights, Tournaments, and rolling where he uses the 50/50 Of The Arms Kimura Funnels so you can see this in action (against Cody Mackenzie in UFC, John Satava, and random rolls with students.
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Guys, I put a lot of time, sweat, blood, and tears into creating and battle testing this system and making these DVD's for you. I am so completely confident in their quality and that you will start smashing people with Kimuras that I will take all the risk off of you and put it back on me.

I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you get the DVD's, watch them, and don't think it is the kind of quality you were looking for, then we will refund you your investment back...No Questions Asked...and you can even keep the DVDS!!! But we know this won’t happen, because...well....This stuff WORKS!!
Watch and Listen To What Everyone is Saying About Vagner's "50/50 Of The Arms" Kimura Funnels
Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida
Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu and Mario Sperry
Braulio Estima (ADCC Champion)
Enrico Coco (3x ADCC Vet)
Ricardo Liborio (Owner of American Top Team)
Claude Patrick (UFC Veteran)
 "The kimura is one of my go to moves it is a  very simple and basic move to learn but very effective. I recall using it in many tournaments I have competed. This is definitely one move you need in your tools."
~Khaylash Tillack, BJJ blue belt.

"My name is Adrian Benavides i am a brown belt under Vagner Rocha. I have been training with vagner since 2010 when i first met him i was already a blue belt and the kimura was my favorite technique.I was lucky enough to decide to train at his academy where over the past 6 years i have refined the technique and sharpened it as my number one tool today. Vagners teaching methods and in depth knowledge of the kimura transitions have taught me to find the movement from a vast amount of positions expanding my game like never before. I"m excited to see him sharing his mastery with the world and look forward to further studying and developing my game with this DVD as well."
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