"Do You Avoid Leg Locks Like The Plague? If Someone Sat Back For A Leg Lock Would You Just Quickly Tap To Avoid Injury.."
You Are Definitely Not Alone And It’s Not Your Fault. 
Read The Rest Of This Letter And Let Me Explain...
Hi, my name is Josh Hayden and I started training in Jiu Jitsu about 5 years ago after I got a career ending injury in football. I started my training with leg lock specialist and ADCC Veteran Joe Baze.

My younger, much smaller, brother Jason was a blue belt at the time got me to come into the gym and used to tap me out left and right...and I’m the big brother who used to whoop his butt our whole lives!! But then I was hooked!

For the first 3 years of my training it was pretty much ALL LEG LOCKS ALL DAY...Needless to say, I realized pretty fast how devastating leg locks really are and how much people respected them.

I got real good real fast from getting tapped out numerous times by Joe and my brother.

But then, something crazy happened...

Even in my battered mental state, I decided to try a competition out. I went in, and leg locked everyone...So just to make sure it wasn’t luck, I registered for another one...

and again...

Leg lock...Tap...Leg Lock...Tap...Leg Lock...Tap...

Advanced divisions...NO DIFFERENT!

Leg lock...Tap...Leg Lock...Tap...Leg Lock...Tap...
This is When I Realized The Magic Powers Of
Having Leg Lock Knowledge...
You see, I realized that 95% of people have NO CLUE how to properly apply or even worse, how to defend leg locks!

The problem is most schools don't train leg locks. There are a few reasons why..One reason is because the IBJJF banned heel hooks in their tournaments, gi and no gi. So now everyone thinks that they shouldn't even train them in the gi in their schools.

Some owners don't even allow them at all in their schools even in no gi because they think they are too dangerous!
So what ends up happening is you will see a fundamentally solid purple brown or even black belt go into training or even worse, a tournament and get tapped out by a blue or purple belt who may not even be skilled at leg locks, but just sits back and goes for it!

So, to avoid getting injured, the more skilled opponent will tap out fast! It's not because the leg locker was a better grappler, but it is because they do not have the knowledge and neglect training of leg locks. Their instructor doesn't teach it in depth and they just lack a REAL system of leg locks and leg lock defense that works!

So there are only 5% of us in all of grappling who have leg lock knowledge, skill, and confidence to submit anyone in leg locks! JUST 5%!!

The same holds true even with world class grapplers! A great example I can think of is Dean Lister Vs Rodolfo Vieira in ADCC. If it were IBJJF rules where heel hooks are not allowed, In my opinion I think Rodolfo Vieira would have won pretty decisively on points!
But We All Know What Happened Instead...
This is also exactly what I did at the ADCC Trials in 2013! I had been training only 3 years but learned and developed a leg lock system. At the time I was pretty average at every other aspect of BJJ...

But I was a black belt in this Leg Lock System!!

To make a long story short, I went in and instead of passing the guard, I sat back for leg locks...Instead of worrying about them passing my guard, I laced them into my leg locks!!

I didn’t have to grind out a win on points...I didn’t have to delve into a battle of wills!
They didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t know how to stop it! It was the systematic approach to have an answer to anything he can do once the first leg lock was applied!

Today...I would like to share this with you! I wanted to provide the BJJ world with an actual step by step system for applying leg locks...

While staying completely safe from counters, and having an answer for every defense that your opponent could possibly do from start to finish of the system.

Not only my offensive system, but my system for defending and countering anyone else's leg locks if they get to your legs before you get to theirs.

A system I have been developing and perfecting for the past 5 years. The system that allowed me to win ADCC Trials as a purple belt and numerous other grappling titles.
Introducing to you my "80/20 Leg Surfing System."
Here Is What You’ll Get...
DVD 1 “ 80/20 Leg Surfing System (Offense) Part 1”
  •   Standing entry into the beginning of the
      80/20 Leg Surfing System
  •   Top Guard entry into the beginning of    
      the 80/20 Leg Surfing System
  •    How to finish the straight ankle lock      
       from the inside lace
  •   Tripod belly down ankle lock when         opponent defends the regular    
    ankle by rolling.
  •     2 leg on outside heel hook when
       opponent defends straight ankle by
    foot off of hip
  •     How to deal with the “Boot” when
        finishing heel hook.
  •     How to finish someone who has a weak
  •     How to finish someone who has a
        strong boot
  •     How to transition from outside lace      
        heel hook to inside lace heel hook...the
    way so they don’t escape in the
  •     Straight Ankle Lock   
  •     How to finish the heel hook from the
        inside lace
  •     How to transition to the Knee knot
        position or some people call it the    
        Honey Hole, or  4-1-1 position.
  •     How to finish the Texas Clover Leaf
        From the Knee knot position the right    
     that taps black belts
  •     How do apply the Hayden Toe Hold
        from the knee knot/honey hole    
  •     How to get the check mate of all
        submissions...the honey hole reverse
        heel hook!
DVD 2 “80/20 Leg Surfing System (Offense) Part 2”
  •     80/20 position and philosophy and why it’s better than the 50/50
  •     80/20 rolling entry and how to get to it while opponent is trying to pass.
  •     80/20 Hayden toe hold that puts then in danger while keeping you perfectly safe from their
        counter attacks.
  •     80/20 reverse heel hook which when applied with the correct pressure will tap out anyone
        while staying perfectly safe from their attacks.
  •     80/20 Toe hold bait is way to trick great grapplers into making a mistake and then
        capitalizing on it.
  •     80/20 stand up offense is a way to deal with an opponent who tries to stand to their feet in the
        50/50 and make it even worse for them.
  •     80/20 escape route is the way you can escape anyones 50/50 at any time if you so choose to
        or if things aren’t working out for you there.
  •     And Much Much More...
DVD 3: “Defense And Counters To The Most Common Leg Locks”
  •     How to properly use “The Boot” to keep you ankles and knees safe until you counter attack
        or escape.

  •     How to escape the “Hayden” Ankle lock
  •     How to counter the “Hayden” Ankle lock with a tight leg lock of your own
  •     How to Escape the Single leg X ankle lock position
  •     How to Counter the Single leg X ankle lock position with your own ankle breaking hack
  •     Counter to X-guard transition with a quick easy leg lock of your own
  •     How to escape the most common heel hooks, the easy way
  •     How to escape the “Done Deal” inside lace heel hook position
  •     How to escape the honey hole/ knee knot position and all of its submissions.
  •     BONUS: slick half guard entry to the 80/20 Leg surfing system
  •     Review of the entire system in action
Straight Ankle Crush
Belly Down Ankle Crush
Defending the Heel Hook
BONUS: 80/20 Leg Surfing System Blueprint
If you order today I will throw in my 80/20 Leg Surfing System 
Blueprint Mind Map for the offensive portion. 

That is...an entire print out of the system so that you can bring it to your BJJ class and drill it right off of the paper!! STEP BY STEP!! A $27 Value...FREE
So I know the next question you are probably thinking to yourself is “How much is this proven system going to cost?”

Well, I know for this comprehensive, easy to learn offensive and defensive leg lock system we could easy charge $147...But for a limited time we decided to charge an investment of only $97 plus shipping.

This Course Will Not Be Available Long...
We only made 250 copies of this dvd...When They are gone they are gone! So if you are interested in getting your leg locks right, don't wait! Come join us in the 5%!
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  • BONUS: 80/20 Leg Surfing System Blueprint
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100% Money Back Guarantee
Guys, I put a lot of time, sweat, blood, and tears into creating and battle testing this system and making these DVD's for you. I am so completely confident in their quality and that you will start smashing people with leg locks that I will take all the risk off of you and put it back on me.

I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you get the dvd's, watch them, and don't think it is the kind of quality you were looking for, then we will refund you your investment back...No Questions Asked...and you can even keep the DVDS!!! But we know this won’t happen, because...well....

This stuff WORKS!!
See What Everyone is Saying About Josh Hayden's System
Eddie "Wolverine" Cummings (Leg Lock Specialist)
 Ruben Alvarez, Black belt under Roberto Cyborg Abreu

Josh Hayden has helped me out a ton on my leg locks. His 80/20 Leg Surfing System is by far the best. I make sure all of my competitors in the academy buy his system. The problem I see is that the lack of knowledge in leglocks is stunting to the growth of BJJ or No Gi submission grappling. So do yourself a favor and don’t be behind the chopping block of bettering your BJJ or grappling. Also, thanks to Josh’s system, I have successfully used it to win some of the most prestigious tournaments in No Gi Grappling!
 Gabe Maldonado, BJJ Black Belt and Pro MMA Fighter

Josh’s system has dramatically improved my ability to defend, enter and finish leg locks. Through his instruction, I have gained the confidence to play leg locks against anyone. More than just a technical set of instructions to apply these principles, his approacah to the leg locking game gave me an understanding of the entire spectrum of lower body attacks including a powerful philosophy of attaining the grip advantage before loading pressure and applying force with control and precision. 
 Ian Murray , BJJ Brown Belt (17 years old) & Multiple Naga, MMAC, and Super Fight Champion

Josh Hayden’s leg lock system took my game to the next level! Thanks to himI frequently finish opponents in competition with leg locks!
 Tony Way, BJJ Purple Belt and Pro MMA Fighter

Josh Hayden’s leg lock instruction has revolutionized my Jiu Jitsu game. he opened my eyes to new attacks and made my submissions far more proficient.
Zack Duvall, BJJ Practitioner

Josh spent a lot of time working with me on my half guard attacks. More specifically, heel hooks from bottom half guard that I have used successfully both in training and in competition. This attack has added many options to my game to attack the feet or sweep and has made my half guard way more dangerous
Jeremy York, BJJ Brown Belt, ADCC Trials Bronze Medalist & Multiple Naga and MMAC winner

    Before I met Josh I thought I was good at leg locks, always catching them in the gym but never in competition. Then I met Josh and learned that the easy part is getting to the leg, but the key is the finish. After learning Josh’s system my next 13 finishes I had in each Jiu Jitsu Match was a leg lock!
 Battaile Fauber, BJJ Blue Belt

Josh Has taught me so much about leg attacks and defense that I was able to apply immediately...I can’t thank him enough. Someone at that level breaking down their approach in a clear and systematic way is as good as it gets for instruction. I highly recommend checking out the 80/20 Leg Surfing System!
 Joe “Bamboo” Wissman, BJJ Black Belt and Pro Fighter

Josh Hayden is basically a superhero. He has helped not just myself but the entire Tampa network to be more aware and stronger with the leg lock game. He breaks down technique and explains strategy extremely well. Working with him has helped my leg lock game progress to a much higher level.
 Travis Baumgardner, BJJ Purple Belt and Competitor

I have benefited greatly from his leg lock system. I went from a white belt doing beginner divisions and placing on good days, to a blue belt winning advanced divisions. If it wasn’t for his easy to comprehend system and teaching style I wouldn’t be half of the BJJ student I am.
 Scott Audas, BJJ Practitioner

What I appreciate most about training with Josh is his ability to focus on the details of efficiently applying and defending leg locks. He holds no secrets back when sharing his knowledge and experience with others. His whole training style is designed for relentless non-stop growth in our sport.
 Patrick Moran, BJJ Practitioner

Josh is an outstanding instructor whose understanding of leg locks is among the best in the world. His competition record speaks for itself.
 Devon Rankin, BJJ Brown Belt

Josh Hayden’s leg surfing system has been a game changer for me.
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  • BONUS: 80/20 Leg Surfing System Blueprint
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Physical  DVD's Mailed Directly To Your Door.
  • DVD 1 “ Offense Part 1"
  • DVD 2 "Offense Part 2"
  • DVD 3:“Defense And Counters 
  • BONUS:  80/20 Leg Surfing System Blueprint