“How To Survive And Win Any Fight With Your Bear Hands, Even Unarmed Without Ever Getting Hit”
Hi I’m Rob Kahn…

Imagine the worse (and the most inevitable) has already happened in this country, and your right to own a gun has been wiped away…

You’re now walking back to your car with your wife one night after catching a movie…

You’re the last ones to leave… and you see a few up-to-no-good thugs in the parking lot waiting to terrorize you.

There’s nowhere to go, and nowhere to escape.

These street criminals are TWICE your size…

And they’re just waiting for the first person to show up to become their latest victim.

YOU and your loved one happen to be the unlucky ones.

And the only things you have to defend yourself with are your bare hands, since the liberals ruining our country have already taken away your right to carry a weapon.

You start to go cold, as you feel the cold sweat trickling down your face, and your heart racing with fear.

You have NO idea what to do to, and there’s NO one else in this empty parking lot to call for help.

What will you do?
How will you survive?
How will you make sure your hands and your brain know upon instinct exactly what to do to guarantee you will come out the other end ALIVE, and without a scratch??

And that you and your wife, no matter how small or delicate, can master right from your home in less than an hour…

Then pay close attention.

What you’re going to see will be something that any hoodlum who DARES come near you, regret with PAIN that you ever watched it.

If you’re anything like me and many of my students, you just don’t have time or energy to go learn martial arts for years and years...

You'd rather learn a few quick moves to hit them where it hurts, hit ‘em hard, and just knock them down where you can get away or get help.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to reveal to you right here in this presentation, and turn those bare hands of yours into LETHAL WEAPONS almost as quick and dangerous as a gun!
SBut before I share with you these super simple maneuvers that take seconds to crumble your opponent, I have to warn you…
This Presentation Will NOT Be Up For Long (And You’ll Understand Why In A Minute)…
So watch very closely before it’s too late and this video is long gone!

You see, I was the first ever black belt student under the first ever UFC champion.

I’ve also developed 9 students who’ve gone on to compete in the UFC and hundreds of students to compete in MMA.

And I’ve been a special combative instructor since 2007 for Special Operations like the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Green Berets, and others.

But believe me when I say…

You don’t have to train to become an MMA expert or some world class fighter to survive in most situations…

… even if you’re old and never been in a fight your entire life!

The truth is, in 99% of situations there are just 8 lethal blows you need to take down an ordinary attacker, and make him squeal like a girl and wish he had never gotten near you.

In fact, I’ll show how a complete amateur with very little training used the few simple self-defense moves YOU’RE about to discover…

… to completely pummel a Golden Glove boxing champion in the ring within 30 seconds.

And he did it not once, not twice… but repeatedly.

I’ll even show you the exact moves he used that was virtually unstoppable and made the champion boxer utterly useless…

… and that requires NO extraordinary strength, speed, conditioning, or practice for you to use and defeat anyone bigger, faster, stronger than you on the street.

This self defense system you’re about to discover can be used by men and women of ALL ages, and of all shapes and sizes to stop any attacker dead in their tracks!
And I promise you… you won’t need to be in shape, or be strong, or be fast to use it effectively…

… and be able to safeguard your loved ones TONIGHT.

In fact, the less you know about fighting and defending yourself, the better and more devastatingly this system works!

I don’t care if you’re a female who’s never hurt a fly in your life… or you’re old…

Or you’ve never even been in a playground scuffle as a kid…

This simple, fast, and easy-to-use fighting system requires ZERO knowledge and skill, and can DEVASTATE even the ‘hardest’ of bad guys… and a winning chance to take on multiple attackers.

And when I say ‘bad guys’, I’m not simply talking about some drunken bullies at a bar late night…

I’m talking about gang members, known criminals, terrorists, and any prison-hardened street animals that make a career out of terrorizing and hurting people!

I guarantee you this system doesn’t require any vigorous training, or constant practice for days, weeks, or months.

It takes almost NO time to master, and it’s a totally fail-proof system that has virtually NO defense against it, period.

You’ll see how regular hardworking businessmen, soccer moms, teachers, grandparents, retirees, and even guys with beer bellies, bum knees, and artificial hips…

… have been able to paralyze younger, tougher, and more experienced fighters with little to NO practice!

And these natural and instantly-applicable moves will let you survive in the worst possible scenario you can think of – gangs, terrorist attacks, street fighters, seasoned criminals…
Now let’s face it…

Nothing’s more terrifying than finding yourself or your family in a violent situation and NOT knowing what to do… and feeling powerless.

You have no control as some criminal or terrorist nut job invades your well-being, while you’re left helpless.

And why should anyone call you crazy for having such a healthy fear??

After all the terrorist attacks, shootings, killings, and organized massacres that have occurred recently (and continue to increase at an ALARMING rate), why leave yourself unprepared and at risk?
They Say The Average Confrontation Or Attack Lasts Only About 5 Seconds!
Heck it takes MORE than 5 seconds just to pick up your phone, dial 9-1-1, and explain to the police what the heck is going on!

It’s over before you even know it.

And if you ask any law enforcement agent, they’ll tell you you’re on your own for at least 20 minutes, if not more before the police even arrive.

Now most people would be foolish enough to think they can save themselves by simply owning a gun…

But you and I know where that’s headed.

Right now, neither the law enforcement nor the government is on your side… making it even MORE imperative that you become a smart survivalist by any means.

At any moment now you can lose your right to bear arms.

There is a full on attack by the liberals with proposed bills, lobbyists, and movements to ban gun ownership forever…

And they’re gaining significant momentum right now.

Every day, left-wing (and even some right-wing) politicians are slowly withering away your basic right to defend yourself…

To the point where if you DO use a firearm to save your life against a criminal intent on KILLING you… you could go to jail.

It’s already illegal to carry a weapon in many parts of the country, including most types of pepper spray in California!

And it’s only getting worse.
‘Gun Banning’ Barely Escaped Legislation The Last Time Around, With Only A Few Good Right-Wingers Standing Against It In Congress…
But if you ask me, that’s way too close of a call, and all it takes is just ONE more try to get it passed.

And you can bet your bottom dollar the liberal lawmakers aren’t going to quit…

They’ve already made it more dangerous here with loose immigration laws, and issuing easy student Visas to allow potential criminals and terrorists into our country!

That’s the danger you and I are surrounded by today.


Studies show that in a case of a serious threat, your natural ‘fear mechanism’ gets triggered and can downright paralyze you…

And unless you’re a trained military or law enforcement agent, you have about a 4% chance of pulling out your gun and having good enough aim to hit your attacker!

So even if you ARE allowed to carry a gun, the odds are still against you of surviving in a sudden and unexpected attack.

Disaster can flash right before your eyes in a split second, and that’s just reality!

So the question is… what do you do?

How do you survive in such uncertain times?
The ONLY thing guaranteed to be available at ALL times and in ALL circumstances to save your life… is your mind and body.
It’s Your Absolute Last Line Of Defense (And ONLY Guaranteed 
Line Of Defense) That They Cannot Take Away From You As 
Long As You’re Alive!
But simply being able to do a few punches, kicks, and take-downs is NOT going to be enough.

What you need is a highly effective, simple, yet brutal system that will neutralize even the most trained criminals… and make them ACHE with regret for messing with you or your family.

Because it’s the ONLY way you’ll come out alive against a high-caliber bad guy or terrorist who knows NO rules.

You need a system that can be learned in a single day (or faster) just by watching and observing it, and with very little practice.

Let me reveal to you the groundbreaking, underground fighting system that could make even a grandmother unarmed and dangerous tonight with just her bare hands…

(And the ONE simple move that a complete amateur used to render a boxing champion utterly useless… without even throwing a punch!)

You see, I’m not totally proud to admit this…

But that boxing champion who got his butt handed to him by this system… was ME.

Back in 1995 I had won the Golden Gloves boxing tournament in New York, and a friend of a friend was introduced to me because he thought we had a lot in common…

His name was Jon Burke, and it turned out that he too was a fighter, but not as a boxer.

He was studying martial arts.

And when I met him, he told me he had started learning a specific style of fighting that at the time, was fairly unknown to the masses.

He asked if he could test out his new style to see how well it would work against a trained boxer like me.

Come to find out, John had hardly been training in this new self-defense system at all!

He had only been learning it for a few months!
So I agreed to spar with him… thinking this guy was out of his mind to want to get into a ring with me.

I was licking my chops and getting ready to destroy this amateur who knew almost nothing about fighting.

And when the day came we were ready to throw down, it only seemed to get better…

Jon looked at me and said...

“hey, look… if it’s ok with you, I’d rather not wear gloves because I need to use my hands to grab you. So to be fair I won’t ever punch you. “

“But you can throw all the punches you want at me, as HARD as you want.”

So now I’m thinking to myself, “Wait a minute. I can punch him, but he can’t punch me? This guy has lost his mind!”

“Either that or he’s downright suicidal!”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

As soon as the match began, I became prepared for what I thought would be the easiest sparring session of my life…

But it was anything but.

In fact…
I Didn’t Last More Than 30 Seconds After He Subdued Me And Left Me Absolutely Helpless.
After I got back up, I thought “Ok, I’m not going to take this guy so lightly. Now I’m going to hurt him!

But after getting up again…

He did it AGAIN.

30 seconds didn’t go by until he had me down and out on the ground.

And each time I got back up, he did it again… and again… and again.

Down I went each time, in humiliating fashion.

I couldn’t touch him.

I had NO answer for him, no matter what I tried.

I couldn’t even hit the guy.

It was embarrassing…

And I was absolutely stunned… and couldn’t figure how the heck he did it.

What did he just do to me!?” I kept thinking.

After being pummeled and man-handled, I couldn’t believe it.

I was the reigning Golden Glove boxing champion…

How was this beginner beating the snot out of me??

In that moment, I KNEW I had to re-think everything I had learned about fighting up to that point in my life.
I had to figure out what this UNSTOPPABLE fighting system was that a total beginner was using to easily and quickly humiliate guys like me who were bigger, faster, stronger, and tougher than him.
A System He Had Mastered In Almost NO Time At All!
You can imagine the embarrassment of a boxing champ asking a rookie to teach him the ropes… and that’s exactly what I did.

I asked him to train me…

And he agreed to teach me his powerful fighting art that ANYONE could learn almost overnight to knock down even the most TRAINED fighters with ease.

And that’s when a whole new journey began, and a whole new world opened up for me…

John and I became good friends after that, and soon he got me to move out to California to learn directly from HIS instructor.

His instructor was none other than the Godfather of UFC himself, 3-time champion, and Hall of Famer… Royce Gracie.

Gracie’s family is the most revered martial arts family in the world, and they’re the founders of UFC.

Around the time I began training directly under him, the UFC had just started… and Royce won the first three UFC Championship matches.

After being exposed more and more to his fighting style, I fell in love with it.
I Loved How EASY It Was, And How Effective It Was…
And 10 years after that, I became Gracie’s first ever student in the world to become a black belt in Jiu Jitsu.

I then went on to open up my own school in Tampa, FL… and since then I’ve developed over 10 students who’ve made it into UFC.

I’ve also been a combative instructor since 2007 for Special Operations Command (SOCOMM)…

…And have been teaching this brilliant self-defense system personally to all Special Operations, including Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Air Force Search & Rescue guys.

I’ve also been the defensive tactics instructor for the Hillsborough Florida Sherriff’s Dept, which is one of the largest police agencies in the country…

And now I work with various other agencies from all around Florida, teaching and instructing this simple and easy to use self-defense system you’re going to gain access to.
Here’s the Simple Yet Devastatingly Effective Move You Can Use To Safeguard Yourself TONIGHT Against Any Attacker
The Same Exact Move The Amateur Used On Me To Repeatedly Beat Me In The Ring, Despite My Golden Glove Boxing Title!
Now, not everyone that came to me for self-defense training was in special operations forces or trying to compete inside the ring…
Many of them were every day men and women just like you who wanted to simply protect themselves and their families in case of danger.

And they didn’t have the time or energy to go to a strip mall Dojo 2 or 3 times a week, and spend months of vigorous training just to become halfway capable of defending themselves…

They had families to take care of, and didn’t have the urge to go train with a bunch of kids wearing cute little uniforms… and that didn’t reflect real attackers in anyway.

My fellow instructors and I realized this was a major problem.

So let’s face it…

You could just sign up for a martial arts school down the street, and spend hundreds of dollars month after month for YEARS trying to get ‘good’.
These schools are notorious for bringing you along slowly and bogging you down with nit-picky details which can take FOREVER to master.

Until then… they keep sucking your bank account dry!

And in the first 3 to 5 years of training, just about ANY untrained crazy ass who likes to swing can still kick your rear end!

And that’s the sad truth…

These martial arts schools don’t NEARLY reflect what actually happens on the street, or in the event of a real terrorist attack.

What they teach you doesn’t prepare you for the reality of a REAL fight – just what to do against others who are training in the same style, and who have to follow the same rules.

But in a real life confrontation there ARE no rules and there are no ‘styles’!

And you don’t react instinctively the way these schools say you’re going to when REAL danger strikes.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again, unfortunately.

This is why we knew we had to go to work and address this problem.

So we went to work and spent YEARS crafting a self-defense system that would be the ULTIMATE shortcut for you…

…with all the unnecessary b.s. stripped away, so you can become a take-down machine that can DESTROY any attacker in real life at any given moment (and even multiple attackers at once).

And you could learn the easy moves from the comfort of your home, in your spare time, with VERY little practice.

So after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears… and vigorous testing with our students…

We finally came up with what we believe is the undisputed, fail-proof self defense system that any man, woman, and child can start applying immediately…

…And fend off anyone who dares threatens them.
Introducing The Unarmed & Dangerous Digital Training Program!
We’ve taken our self-defense system we’ve taught to the military and top fighters in the world, trimmed off all the ‘fat’, and beefed up the brutality.

And once you watch and learn it, it’s something that will NEVER leave you, even with very minimal practice!

The moves you’ll learn inside the Unarmed and Dangerous training only require a little bit of repetition, and they get hardwired into your subconscious brain forever.

Your hands and feet become ‘locked and loaded’ and can fire off at any moment you need them, and deliver an explosion of injury to a person.

It’s an easy to remember, easy to learn, unbeatable fighting method you can share with your wife, husband, or kids and never have to worry about their safety again.

Here’s How Each Of The 3 Modules Are Laid Out...
Module 1 “ Unarmed And Dangerous Fight Standing Up”
You’ll learn everything from heightening your awareness and knowing how to pinpoint a potential threat LONG before it happens to knowing exactly what to do once a confrontation occurs.
You’ll learn proper foot stance and foot positioning (which is often the most critical and most overlooked aspect of self defense!)

You’ll also learn some brutal maneuvers we only teach other professionals, such as how to lull your attacker to open up for your strikes…

And then how to strike him with elbows, knees, and punches…

And how to stomp the knee, do head butts, and do submissions like the standing guillotine…

…which are all enough to knock any opponent out, often within seconds if you do them correctly.
  • Proper stance
  • Sucker Punch Defense
  • Intro to Common attacks
  • Headlock Defense
  • Fixing Headlock Mistakes
  • Neck Grab v. 1
  • Neck grab v.2
  • bear hug (rear)
  • Bear hug (front)
  • Throat choke (standard)
  • Throat choke (one handed)
  • Shirt Grab Defense
  • Shoulder Grab Defense
  • Guillotine Defense
  • Offense on feet (self Defense mindset)
  • Head Butt Version 1
  • Head Butt Version 2
  • Knee stomp
  • Knee strikes
  • Guillotine
Module 2 “Unarmed And Dangerous: Fighting From Your Back”
We walk you through exactly how to guard yourself against any attack.
We’ll explain the most effective guard positions, including how to fight off your back and still WIN.

You’ll also learn how to defend yourself from punches if someone is on top of you.

You’ll learn grappling (and highly painful) hooks on your opponent’s arms, and how to control distance just enough so you don’t get hit.

You’ll also learn how to destroy anyone with up-kick to the face, the hatchet kick, the ‘guillotine kimura’, elbow strikes that will break bones, and so on.

We’ll also show you how to effectively and easily get back to your feet, and flee from danger.
  • Introduction to the top position and why this is crucial to controlling someone and making it so they can't strike you.
  • Introduction to side control position where you pin your opponent down and can control them even if they are twice your size. 
  • Americana submission from side control used to pop your opponents rotator cuff.
  • Knee on belly position to hold your opponent in place and land massive strikes.
  • Mount position that will make you opponent feel helpless and unable to escape.
  • Americana from mount will destroy the shoulder of your opponent and take all the "fight" out of him.
  • Gift wrap makes your opponent unable to strike you and vulnerable to your submissions and strikes.
  • Taking the back position so that you have complete control and are able to put them to sleep with chokes.
  • Rear naked choke is the number 1 most effective and efficient choke of all time.
  • And Much Much More...
Module 3: “Unarmed And Dangerous: Fighting From The Top”

You’re going to see exactly how to give yourself a huge advantage over your attacker by being on top of him.

It’s not ideal to go to the ground against your opponent, but if you do, we’ll show you exactly how to get on top… and what to do to pummel him, disengage, and flee.

Once on top you will be able to control the situation with ease and decide whether or not you want to smash him, or just hang on until the police come...but either way, the key is that you are in COMPLETE CONTROL!
  • Intro To Top Position
  • Intro TO Side Control
  • Americana From Side Control
  • Knee On Belly
  • Mount Position
  • Americana from Mount
  • Gift Wrap
  • Taking The Back
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • And Much Much More
Now people ask me what kind of fighting ‘style’ this is…

Jiu Jitsu? Boxing? Muay Thai? Karate? Kung Fu?

The best answer I can give is…
This Is The ‘Knock A Bad Guy On His Rear End And Give Him Medical Attention’ Style!
Simply put… after watching this training, if any thug, thief, terrorist, or criminal is stupid enough to put a hand on you or your family…

...It’s his ASS!

So now you have a choice to make…

If you only want to slightly increase your chances of fending off a halfway drunk meat head at your local bar who’s simply having a bad night…

Then by all means go learn to fight at your local daycare that poses as a Martial Arts school!

But if you want to be able to crush any gang-banging street thug, serial killer, or prison-hardened criminal that makes a living out of terrorizing society…

Then skip those ‘bubblegum’ strip mall Dojo’s, save your time and money, and arm yourself with the Unarmed & Dangerous Training Course!
Now Right Now I Can Almost Hear You Thinking…
“This all sounds great Rob, but what is this self-defense system going to cost me??”

Well I want you to ask yourself an even BETTER question…

What’s it worth for you to save you and your family’s life?

Can you even put a price tag on keeping your loved ones protected?

We’re in a real tumultuous time in our country right now, and things can hit the fan at any moment’s notice.

And relying solely on firearms to protect you is becoming more and more of a gamble these days, with all the legislation going around aiming to put a BAN on guns forever.

This means, even if you do use a weapon in pure self defense, you could still be convicted and go to prison, regardless if YOU were the victim in an attack!

So if you think about it… it’s absolutely imperative you get some sort of close combat, hand-to-hand fight training if you want to ensure your survival.

…Even if it means for you to pass on my self defence system and find some other means!

Remember, your mind and body are your last line of defense that they CANNOT take away from you.

So by all means DO SOMETHING to arm yourself with proper self defense knowledge. Anything!

Your life, and your family’s life could depend on it.

But consider your choices…

You could spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year at a Martial Arts school down the street, and spend grueling hours each week learning to fight other civilized human beings in your class that are much younger…

(…which will be useless in a REAL fight against a nutcase who aims to KILL you with no rules.)

Or you could fly out to Florida, hire myself or my partner Matt for $5,000 just to learn this stuff one-on-one, but we know that’s a pretty big time and financial commitment.


You could risk your life and of those around you by doing nothing at all… in which case, the potential damage or loss is priceless.

The LAST thing I want is for you to lose a loved one, or for your loved ones to lose you when you could have easily prevented it by simply watching just a FEW minutes of one of my module's in your spare time.

And that’s why I’m NOT going to charge you thousands of dollars for you to gain this knowledge – the same amount the government paid me to teach it to the best of the best in the armed forces.

In fact, I won’t even charge you $500… or even half that at $250.

Just for today… I’m going to practically let you STEAL the ‘Unarmed & Dangerous’ self-defense training system…

And turn yourself into an unbreakable self-defense MACHINE…
For a tiny one-time investment of just $47!
ONLY $47!
Think about it…

That’s equivalent to a nice dinner and movie with the spouse and kids.

Plus, you’ve got NOTHING to lose and everything to gain…

The ‘Unarmed & Dangerous’ Digital Training Course come with a 30-day, full 100% money-back guarantee so your investment is fully protected!

Try out the program, and take your sweet time in exploring it for 30 days…

If for whatever reason, you’re not happy with the training, then simply email us within 30 days and we’ll refund all of your money, no questions asked.

You have my word.

(Heck you could get my training program, learn it all in a few days, and just email us that you didn’t like it - but that’s a risk we’re willing to take. We’re confident you’re going to love it so much you’ll want to keep it!)

So go ahead…

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below right now, fill out your order on the next page, and you will get INSTANT Access ‘Unarmed & Dangerous’ training on our members area site.
ONLY $47!
Check Out What Others Have Had To Say…
“I can’t overstate my endorsement for Rob Kahn. Over my 26 year career I was exposed to a lot of combat training. They ranged from average to ridiculous and none were very useful in the real world.

It wasn’t until I started training with Rob Kahn that I found techniques that are absolutely practical and applicable in real combat – the kind where the loser might leave in a bag.

Rob is a superb teacher and innovator and his techniques are designed for any scenario; desert battlefield or back alley. As an added bonus, the realistic drilling and sparring provides superb mental conditioning for optimizing performance under extreme stress!”

- COL (Retired) Joe Osborne, U.S. Army, Special Forces
 “This program by Rob Kahn and Matt Arroyo is an easy and simple method for anyone to defend and protect themselves in almost any situation.

I have not seen a more relevant and thorough program of instruction for self defense and protection.

I personally trained under these black belts for over 7 years and believe them to be the most dynamic and focused instructors I have ever trained with.

With Rob and Matt you cannot go wrong and they will bring your level of knowledge and competence on self defense and protection within a matter of days.

Their instruction and training methodology is unmatched!”- 

-Greg White, North Carolina

 “I was introduced to this martial art in 2001, at the beginning of the War on Terror, and have trained under several disciplines and with multiple cultures and foreign Special Forces.

Rob Kahn’s methodologies and strategy for self defense combatives are extremely effective, allowing you to quickly turn the tables on a would be attacker, gain a dominant position of control and neutralize your opponent.

Rob’s teaching techniques are simplistic and powerful. The positions and submissions are sound and do not require amazing feats of strength, just easy to follow steps which Rob delivers flawlessly!”

- Jeff Stroh, Special Forces (Retired)
 "With 20 years in Special Operations I have been exposed to, and practiced a variety of close combat techniques. The way you train is the way you fight when push comes to shove and it comes down to mindset and being prepared.

Rob’s training is thorough, effective, and will give you the tools and mindset to get beyond the dojo and out in the world where you can’t tap out or take knee.

Rob has taught and studied with Law Enforcement, SEALs, Rangers, and Special Forces. He can give you the range of tools you need to not only defend yourself, but to win the fight regardless of age, size, strength, or gender!”

- Steven Christian, US Navy SEAL (Retired)
Now remember I said this presentation is NOT going to be up for very long?
Well I wasn’t kidding.

You see, there are certain countries in which self defense trainings similar to this have already been BANNED…

There’s just no guarantee this will be allowed on the market for much longer even here in the U.S. (or whatever country you’re in).

So if I were you, I’d take full advantage of this introductory low price of just $47.

Don’t waste another minute, or risk losing the opportunity to gain a life-saving knowledge.

Where else are you going to get such top-notch self defense training from a renown fighting champion, an MMA veteran, and someone who’s directly trained from the 1st Champion and Hall of Fame inductee of UFC?

And someone who’s been teaching this underground system to Special Operations and special armed forces for years?

You simply won’t find that anywhere else in the world!

So go ahead…

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below right now and let’s get started!
ONLY $47!